Video: Desafiando Gigantes (Facing Giants)


While in San Jose, we had the opportunity to spend time with a local pastor named Jairo.

Jairo (pronounced Hi-Row) works in Tirrases de Curridabat, a district in the northern region of San Jose. Tirrases is interesting because almost half of the population is under 20 years old.

Jairo has a huge heart for the youth in the area, and he started a program with the local youth called Desafiando Gigantes, or “Facing Giants” in English.  When Jairo was a youth, he got involved with the drug scene in the area, until he later gave his life to Christ. Now, on saturdays, he spends nearly his entire day mentoring the youth. Jairo has connected with the GAP Program, and each saturday they send some of their students to help Jairo with his ministry.

Me and Nate tagged along for one saturday, and we spent the entire day with the kids. We started out by going around and inviting kids to come play sports or do crafts in the park for a few hours, then we’d break for lunch, and finally in the afternoon, Jairo would invite the kids to a home in the town, and set up a youth group for them. There, the kids had a great time hanging out, playing games, and listening to a lesson that Jairo prepared. The kids, at all different age ranges, were really interested and involved with the lesson, many asking questions and bringing their own Bibles.

It was awesome to be a part of the program for one saturday, as it increasingly grows larger and larger every week. What started out with a few kids playing and meeting has turned into a full scale youth group with easily over 20 – 25 kids in regular attendance.  It’s a great alternative for many of the kids in the area who would spend their saturdays on the streets or in other unsafe environments. Jairo, his  fiancé, and the GAP students that attend are all great role models for the kids in the area.

Me and Nate were able to put together a video for Jairo to help raise support for his program. At this moment, Jairo’s only consistent support is a small church just recently planted in San Jose. Roughly, it only brings in less than $400 a month.

If you would be interested in supporting or partnering with Jairo and the kids of Desafiando Gigantes, you can email for more information.


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